• I.T. Infrastructure 
  • Security & Surveillance 
  • Communication 
  • Smart Education
  • Design ‘n’ Print 
  • Marketing 

I.T. Infrastructure

Security & Survilliance


Smart Education

Design 'n' Print


I.T. Solutions

Talk’n’Solve provides complete I.T. solution which includes the server & Thin client based computer labs, printer & photocopiers, offline & online UPS and Microsoft Education Licence.

Benefits of I.T. Solution

  • Interactive Teaching
  • Access To Technology
  • Keeps Parent In The Loop
  • Prepare Students For Future

Secyrity & Survilliance Solutions

Talk’n’Solve provides complete Security solution which includes the HD CCTV Cameras, Biometric Attendance Machine, Payroll Management Softwares , GPS Systems For Buses with 100% Staisfactory Work

Benefits of Security Solution

  • Reduce incidence rates
  • Keep an eye on what’s going on across the campus
  • Keep an eye on trouble from a distance

Communication Solutions

Talk’n’Solve creates the best medium to communicate with staff members by installing of Analog & IP PBX with Interactive Voice Response , P.A. systems , IVR based FCT Decive

Benefits of communication Solution

  • Interactive Teaching
  • Access To Technology
  • Keeps Parent In The Loop
  • Prepare Students For Future

Smart School Solution

Talk’n’Solve connects your school with Trending Technology includes Smart class Solutions, CBSE Approved Content, Automatic Bulk Sms Systems and School Management Softwares under 5+ Team Leaders

Benefits of Smart Schools

  • Easy access to information
  • Learning in a dynamic manner
  • A teaching environment that is interactive
  • Paper is replaced by digital tools
  • A better understanding of topics through digital tools

Design ‘n’ Print

Talk’n’Solve provides complete Design ‘n’ Print Solutions for create the Valuable Front Impression to the Society includes Websites Designing , Pamphlet ,Brochure Designs , Printing , Newsletter, Magazine , Custom Standee Design & Printing

Benefits of Design’n’Print

  • Increased diversity of learning experiences.
  • Enhanced social connectivity.
  • Improved emotional resilience and attendance
  • Increased desirability and enrolments


Talk’n’Solve connect you with people to grow your Brand Name includes Digital / Social Media Marketing , E-mail Marketing , Bulk SMS Marketing and Video Markrting under 100% Response Gurantee

Benefits of Marketing

  • Increase student attendance and involvement.
  • Attract qualified and quality staff.
  • Increase parent volunteers and committee members.
  • Boost attendance at school events